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Whit Stillman’s Novel ‘The Last Days of Disco’ is one of Vogue’s Summer Page-Turners

Whit Stillman’s award winning novel:  The Last Days of Disco, With Cocktails at Petrossian Afterwards (in Francais:  Les Derniers Jours Du Disco) is on Vogue’s summer page-turners.

Whit Stillman Prix Fitzgerald 2014

Whit Stillman : The Last Days of Disco (Tristram)

Having just made the film, starring Chloë Sévigny, director Whit Stillman adapted his screenplay into a book. The Last Days of Disco follows a group of young people in the early 1980s at the Club in Manhattan, an alter ego of Studio 54. With intertwining love lives and existential doubts, Whit Stillman‘s portrays a changing time when disco symbolizes the innocence of a city and a new generation that will soon be lost. A gripping book, both as funny as it is melancholy

By Nelly Kaprièlian, translated by Ruby Norris and Isabelle Granger

ELLE: Chloe Sevigny on Whit Stillman’s ‘The Cosmpolitans’ etc.

Chloe Sevigny talks to ELLE about her upcoming projects (she’s very busy), fashion, TV, and the ’90s trend.

Photo MCM
Photo MCM

You’re also doing an Amazon series with Whit Stillman, right?

Yes! So far, we’ve only shot the pilot, and it’s very Whit. The script has his voice, which I really love, and it has a similar cadence to his other movies, and a really subversive humor and intellect. It’s a comedy, obviously, called The Cosmopolitans and it’s about searching for love in Paris.

Harper’s Bazaar article: How ‘The Last Days of Disco’ Changed My Life

How The Last Days of Disco Changed My Life, by Kerry Pieri at Harpers Bazaar.

Kerry Pieri talks about the aesthetic in Disco, how one of its costume designers also worked on Lolita, and how the early eighties were a great time for fashion.

The Last Days of Disco

The very early ’80s is very different than the rest of the 1980s, more minimal, streamlined and, in short, ’70s. But there is a decidedly preppy vibe that is imbued in the daytime looks of Alice (Sevigny) and Charlotte (Beckinsale)—think khaki A-line midi skirts, striped tops, blue blazers, chambray shirt dresses and oxford button-downs.

Vogue, Elle and Yahoo ‘Love and Friendship’ Articles





Esquire Sight and Style: ‘The Last Days of Disco’

The style from Whit Stillman’s The Last Days of Disco is talked about in this Esquire article by Calum Marsh.

Last Days of Disco Esquire

The Madras Blazer

“I remember the cool guys going to work in New York in the ’60s, maybe in August, wearing them”, explained Whit Stillman in an interview with film critic Miriam Bale last year. “I love them. They’re so light and comfortable, and I think they can be so good-looking.” Chris Eigeman, who wears one as Des in this scene, apparently disagreed, claiming on the DVD commentary that he thought it was ugly. Prove him wrong with a colorful offering from Gant.