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Chloe Sevigny Clip From ‘The Cosmopolitans’

Name Change for ‘The Cosmopolitans’?

Whit Stillman teased on twitter today that The Cosmopolitans may be getting a “possible” name change.  The possible new title would be Atlantic Resolve (which has a nice ring to it).  Could this mean that a Whit Stillman TV series is close to happening?  Information is vague at this point.  Whether the title change is serious or not, Stillman tweeted, “Stay tuned” when asked if the show was to become a series.


Here’s what we know about The Cosmopolitans (or Atlantic Resolve) so far (though it’s possible things have changed since this news came out):

In the past Stillman has stated the “If series goes ahead it won’t be Paris or romance focused.”

On July 11, 2016, Tom Grater for ScreenDaily wrote an article on some information picked up about The Cosmopolitans, from a talk Whit Stillman gave in Jerusalem:

Amazon Studios, which distributed Love & Friendship in the US, has commissioned six more scripts, which Stillman is now writing. However, the series will see changes from the pilot.

“It’s been two years since I did the pilot so I’m no longer interested in that story, but I really like the actors and the characters. It’s going to go in a new geographical and story direction, but with some of the same characters,” he reveals. “It’s going to go to different cities and have more adventure.”