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Harper’s Bazaar article: How ‘The Last Days of Disco’ Changed My Life

How The Last Days of Disco Changed My Life, by Kerry Pieri at Harpers Bazaar.

Kerry Pieri talks about the aesthetic in Disco, how one of its costume designers also worked on Lolita, and how the early eighties were a great time for fashion.

The Last Days of Disco

The very early ’80s is very different than the rest of the 1980s, more minimal, streamlined and, in short, ’70s. But there is a decidedly preppy vibe that is imbued in the daytime looks of Alice (Sevigny) and Charlotte (Beckinsale)—think khaki A-line midi skirts, striped tops, blue blazers, chambray shirt dresses and oxford button-downs.

Throwback Thursday: NOW Magazine Article ‘Fine First Feature Whit Stillman’

From the vaults of NOW Magazine there is a great article by Cameron Bailey about Whit Stillman’s first film, Metropolitan.

The article touches on Stillman’s work before being a filmmaker:

Freelances as journalist with Harper’s, Wall Street Journal and Village Voice

Whit Stillman Now Magazine Canada


The time period of the film:

“It’s set in the recent past, although I don’t specify a time, but at heart it’s the late 60s.”


The edit:

“We worked hard to keep the editing very quick, very fast, and to keep the film light and fun.”