Farewell, Eric

Hi, this is Phil, the original editor of this website until I passed it over to Eric Burritt more than a decade ago.

Unfortunately I’m back with some very sad news: Eric passed away in November 2021. We never met, or even chatted apart from over email. Going by the little I’ve heard about him from others he was a lovely guy, and extremely well thought of by many people.

From our point of view, he was a wonderful steward of this website for a long time, bringing his huge enthusiasm for the films of Whit Stillman, and I’m sure that even those of us who didn’t know him personally will mourn his passing.

There is a brief obituary page at dignitymemorial.com.

2 thoughts on “Farewell, Eric

  1. RIP, Eric. I didn’t know him, but I always feel a bond with someone who loves Stillman films.

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