Books by Whit Stillman

 Barcelona and Metropolitan: Tales of Two Cities

Pub. 1994. Scripts of the films. Available at or

The Last Days of Disco, With Cocktails at Petrossian Afterwards (Winner of the 2014 Prix Fitzgerald Award)

The Last Days of Disco Book

Pub. 2000. Avaliable at or  Also available in Espanol and Francais and in Canada in French.




Love & Friendship: In Which Jane Austen’s Lady Susan Vernon Is Entirely Vindicated

Coming May 17th, 2016.  Buy now in USA & UK

Love & Friendship Book Cover Whit Stillman Lady Susan Jane Austen

Unserious Austen by Adam Thirlwell at The New York Review of Books (May 27, 2016).

Book Club by Lisa Kennedy at Serendipity magazine

Audio book

 Metropolitan: A Novella and Three Stories

Stillman never wrote this planned book, as he describes here.

 Books about Whit Stillman

Doomed Bourgeois in Love: Essays on the Films of Whit Stillman

Edited by Marc C. Henrie at or