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Vanity Fair Reunion Photo of ‘Metropolitan’

The cast of Whit Stillman’s Metropolitan were photographed for Vanity Fair by Jonathan Becker for the films 25th anniversary.  Mark Rozzo wrote about the reunion for Vanity Fair.

“People treated it like a documentary, with real people,” says Stillman, an eternal prepster at 63. But that sprawling ensemble cast in their gowns and tuxes were, in fact, a talented bunch of young actors channeling the “urban haute bourgeoisie”—or “U.H.B.’s,” in the movie’s parlance—with razor precision. On the rare occasion of a cast get-together, they slip right back into the rapport that made the shoot so successful. “It’s like a family reunion,” says Carolyn Farina, who played the dewy bookworm Audrey Rouget.

Where are they now?

Ed Clements in a TV interview, 2009

Three items today. First, if you ever wondered what Ed Clements – Tom Townsend in Metropolitan – is up to these days, there’s an interview on YouTube (in two parts, 1, 2) in which he talks about the film and, around the same time, becoming a Christian. He’s now working for a few religious organisations.

On a similar note, there’s also an interview with Isabel Gillies – Metropolitan’s Cynthia McLean – talking about her memoirs, Happens Every Day. She’s still a film and TV actor.

Finally, a brief New York Post interview with Whit Stillman from August in which he mentions the two TV comedy pilots he is/was working on (also mentioned in interviews posted here previously).