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Farewell, Eric

Hi, this is Phil, the original editor of this website until I passed it over to Eric Burritt more than a decade ago.

Unfortunately I’m back with some very sad news: Eric passed away in November 2021. We never met, or even chatted apart from over email. Going by the little I’ve heard about him from others he was a lovely guy, and extremely well thought of by many people.

From our point of view, he was a wonderful steward of this website for a long time, bringing his huge enthusiasm for the films of Whit Stillman, and I’m sure that even those of us who didn’t know him personally will mourn his passing.

There is a brief obituary page at

A new look

We’ve given the site a brand new look, one that’s a little more “Stillman-esque”, with type harking back to 1990’s Metropolitan.


Hopefully everything will continue to work as before, only in a rather more elegant fashion. Let us know if you find something that’s been broken in the process.

And now, back to your regular updates from Eric…

Welcome, Eric!

Following my earlier request for someone to be this site’s editor, Eric Burritt has volunteered to give it a whirl. He’s sent me plenty of links to interesting stuff over the years, so he certainly has his ear to the ground on the Stillman front. He’s already posted his first three entries, so he’s off to a good start.

If you have any links or suggestions of things to cover, you can contact him on

Good luck Eric!

Would you like to edit the Whit Stillman site?

I’ve been running this site for around a dozen years and it’s time for someone else to take over writing the site. Is that someone you?

For most of the time the site’s been running there obviously hasn’t been much news to post here, which made it very easy. It’s been great to, after all this time, see Whit Stillman finally release a new movie and be able to cover that and pass on news about it.

But, with that having passed, I’ve realised the site could be better with someone else at the helm. While I love Stillman’s movies I’m sure some of you are more knowledgable and enthusiastic about his work than I am – and so everyone would benefit if you were updating this site!

Are you interested? In case it’s not obvious, there is no monetary reward and no fame. I also have no connection with Stillman that I could pass on. But if you would enjoy looking for Stillman-related news, and writing it up for others, then drop me a line!

You will need:

  • Obviously, a great knowledge and enthusiasm for Stillman’s work.
  • A proven ability to write. (You don’t need to be the world’s greatest prose stylist, but spelling, grammar, etc. are important.)
  • Ideally, some experience of using WordPress.

I’ll carry on hosting the site, and can help with technical issues if that’s not your cup of tea. But the day-to-day posting and updating will be entirely your domain.

So, is this you? Email me if so and, briefly, let me know how you fulfil the requirements above. Thanks.