Where are they now?

Ed Clements in a TV interview, 2009

Three items today. First, if you ever wondered what Ed Clements – Tom Townsend in Metropolitan – is up to these days, there’s an interview on YouTube (in two parts, 1, 2) in which he talks about the film and, around the same time, becoming a Christian. He’s now working for a few religious organisations.

On a similar note, there’s also an interview with Isabel Gillies – Metropolitan’s Cynthia McLean – talking about her memoirs, Happens Every Day. She’s still a film and TV actor.

Finally, a brief New York Post interview with Whit Stillman from August in which he mentions the two TV comedy pilots he is/was working on (also mentioned in interviews posted here previously).

One thought on “Where are they now?

  1. I would like to know where Carolyn Farina is. Does anyone know that? She is my all time favorite of the Whit Stillman actresses!

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