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The Close-Up: Whit Stillman and Cast Talk ‘Metropolitan’

Michael Odmark interviews Whit Stillman, Isabel Gillies, Dylan Hundley and Taylor Nichols about Metropolitan for The Close-Up podcast.

Taylor Nichols

For today’s bonus episode of our podcast, we’re featuring an intimate discussion with director Whit Stillman, who, along with cast members Isabel Gillies, Dylan Hundley, and Taylor Nichols stopped by the Film Society to talk about his 1990 indie classic, Metropolitan. The 25th-anniversary restoration of the film opens here today with the director and cast in person for Q&As at select screenings.


Vanity Fair Reunion Photo of ‘Metropolitan’

The cast of Whit Stillman’s Metropolitan were photographed for Vanity Fair by Jonathan Becker for the films 25th anniversary.  Mark Rozzo wrote about the reunion for Vanity Fair.

“People treated it like a documentary, with real people,” says Stillman, an eternal prepster at 63. But that sprawling ensemble cast in their gowns and tuxes were, in fact, a talented bunch of young actors channeling the “urban haute bourgeoisie”—or “U.H.B.’s,” in the movie’s parlance—with razor precision. On the rare occasion of a cast get-together, they slip right back into the rapport that made the shoot so successful. “It’s like a family reunion,” says Carolyn Farina, who played the dewy bookworm Audrey Rouget.

‘Metropolitan’ to be Re-Released in August

Whit Stillman’s Oscar Nominated Metropolilan will be re-released in August to celebrate its 25th anniversary.  Indiewire has more information on this upcoming event.

Whit Stillman Metropolitan Slate Allison Parisi Chris Eigeman Carolyn Farina behind scenes


Rialto Pictures will re-release the movie in New York on August 7 at the Film Society of Lincoln Center and in Los Angeles on August 14 at Laemmle’s Royal. It will also be released nationwide throughout late summer and the fall.

Drawings Inspired by Stillman’s Films by Emma Johnson

Wonderful drawings inspired by Whit Stillman’s films, by @creamymcsparklesson Emma Johnson

‘Metropolitan’ Premiered at Sundance 25 Years Ago

Whit Stillman’s Metropolitan turns 25 today.  The story set, “not so long ago”, premiered at Sundance, Saturday, January 20 at 4:00p.m. at the Egyptian Theater.  Whit Stillman would go on to be nominated for an Academy Award for Metropolitan.  It has since been preserved for the  Sundance Collection at the UCLA Film & Television Archive.  Metropolitan also has the rare and prestigious honor of being a relatively “young” film to have been chosen by Criterion and by TCM.  Please take a listen to The Official Podcast, which has interviews with Stillman, Chris Eigeman and Taylor Nichols (Jordan Rountree of The Cosmopolitans has also been interviewed) and take a look at the videos below.