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Mark Suozzo Interview by The Official Podcast

Whit Stillman’s composer, Mark Suozzo, was interviewd The Official Podcast recently.  He discusses how he collaborates with Stillman and how they set a tone for the film through music (among other things).

It is an thorough interview and worth a listen or two.

Mark Suozzo 1 Mark Suozzo 2 Mark Suozzo 3 Mark Suozzo 6

Soundtrack for Whit Stillman’s ‘The Cosmopolitans’ With Youtube Links

Someone asked for the soundtrack listings in the pilot.  I found them on imdb and here they are with youtube links.  I have not yet had time to double check them with the credits, so if you find errors, please email or comment:

What Becomes of the Brokenhearted
Performed by Joan Osborne

Don Cosmic
Written by Clement Dodd and Don Drummond

All Along I’ve Loved You
Written by Tony Ashley
Performed by Tony Ashley and the Delicates

I’m Afraid To Say I Love You
Written by Winfred L. Lovett
Performed by The Lovettes

Fly Away With Me
Written by Dominic Glover, Gary Crockett, Jay Glover, and Noel McKoy
Performed by Dominic Glover, Gary Crockett, Jay Glover, and Noel McKoy

Tomber La Chemise
Performed by Zebda

(Used for the Sambola dance sequence)

Try Me One Time
Written by Ben E King
Performed by Ben E King

Not found on youtube

All I Need Is You
Written by Leigh Gracie
Performed by Leigh Gracie

To Be Loved
Written by Berry Gordy Jr, Tyran Carlo, and Gendolyn Fuqua
Performed by Berry Gordy Jr, Tyran Carlo, and Gendolyn Fuqua                                            

(Could not find the version in the show, so Diana Ross has to fill in)

Song on the Subway:

Song when Jimmy sees Dree Hemingway’s character:

Amazon link to purchase

Nos Embalos da Era Disco São Paulo

Whit Stillman de Os Últimos Embalos da Disco está jogando em um festival temático do disco no Brasil.  12/05 SEG 19H

Whit Stillman’s The Last Days of Disco is playing in a Disco themed festival in Brazil May 12 at 7pm.

DISCO Brasilhttp://cinefestivais.com.br/


Nos anos 1970, a Disco Music conquistou fãs em todo mundo e ditou tendências não só musicais, mas também de moda e comportamento. Em homenagem a esse período histórico, o CineSesc realiza entre os dias 9 e 13 de maio a mostra Nos Embalos da Era Disco, na qual serão exibidos clássicos como Os Embalos da Sábado à Noite, protagonizado por John Travolta.

Além deste filme, a programação abrange outras seis produções que se ligam de alguma maneira a esse tempo: Boogie Nights – Prazer Sem Limites, de Paul Thomas Anderson; À Procura de Mr. Goodbar, de Richard Brooks;Studio 54, de Mark Christopher; The Secret Disco Revolution, de Jamie Kastner; e Os Últimos Embalos da Disco, de Whit Stillman.

A programação completa e as sinopses dos filmes da mostra Nos Embalos da Era Disco podem ser conferidas neste link.

Whit Stillman Brasil