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Recent Interview With Whit Stillman / Récente Interview Avec Whit Stillman

“Le lapin Pan-Pan a été ma première désillusion amoureuse”

Julien Jester interviews Whit Stillman about a myriad of different topics (please see far below for an English google translation).  Stillman discusses the first film he remembers seeing (Bambi, which makes the reference in Disco more personal), his thoughts on 3D films, his ideal gag film, and lastly he states that The Cosmopolitans will be released in August.

The Last Days of Disco Book                                               Photo of Adam Brody, Chloe Sevigny & Adriano Giannini  Photo by: @WhitStillman

next.liberation.fr Julien Jester, 6 MAI 2014:

La première image ?

Le premier film que je me rappelle avoir vu est Bambi, à 6 ans. Il en est d’ailleurs question dans les deux versions (film et livre) des Derniers Jours du disco – mais je crois que c’est le lapin, Pan-Pan, qui m’a le plus intéressé. J’en suis venu à posséder des lapins, qui ont été l’objet de ma première désillusion amoureuse.

Dernier film vu ? C’était comment ?

Je viens de revoir l’un de mes films favoris : le Convoi des braves, de John Ford. Je ne regarde de films qu’à l’heure du dîner et avec des êtres chers.

La dernière image ?

Adam Brody, Carrie MacLemore et Adriano Giannini à l’arrière d’un taxi lancé sur la voie Georges-Pompidou à Paris, pendant le tournage de notre série The Cosmopolitans, qui sera diffusée en août.


Google Translation to English:

” Thumper the bunny was my first love disillusionment”
Julien GESTER May 6, 2014 at 18:07

Zen mode

Forthwith Whit Stillman . New York filmmaker too rare, author of comedies delicious mid- Wasp , half dandy ( Metropolitan in 1990 to Damsels in Distress , 2011) , he turned his masterpiece the Last Days of Disco (1998) in a novel the French translation which was finally released . Photo Jérôme Bonnet
The first picture?

The first movie I remember seeing is Bambi , 6 years. It is also discussed in the two versions (movie and book) Latter Days of Disco – but I think this is the rabbit , Thumper , which interested me most . I came to own rabbits , which were the subject of my first romantic disillusionment.
Last movie you saw ? How was it?

I just saw one of my favorite movies : Convoy brave , John Ford. I only watch movies at lunchtime and loved ones .

The movie your parents prevented from seeing ?

I would have preferred they did not take me to see the Long Journey to the night [ adaptation by Sidney Lumet and Katharine Hepburn, in 1962, a successful play , ed] .
What made ​​you look away from the screen?

Any realistic form of violence or disorder .
A dream that could be an early scenario …

I have no interest in dreams , or mine or anyone else’s .
The monster or psycho movie you feel closest to?

The alcoholic character played by Ray Milland in The Lost Weekend, Billy Wilder .
The movie or scene that stopped flirting with your neighbor (s) ?

No flirting has never stopped a movie, and vice versa.
What do you do in the trailers ?

I watch with interest and disgust.
In the room, a favorite place ? A ritual ?

Sit on the edge of rank for a fluid leak without disturbance.
Which character would you sleep?

Any character played by Margaret Sullavan .
For or against 3D?

Without opinion , the only film I’ve seen in this area is perfect for Murder , Hitchcock , and nothing more recent.
The sequence that prevented you from sleep?

I remember being very upset at age 13 by a meeting of the torn curtain Hitchcock, but I attribute it mainly to the trailer for a porn movie Swedish 60s before broadcast . I acquired a abhorration pornography.
Absolute gag ?

The Duck Soup , the Marx Brothers , from beginning to end .
The filmmaker you never dare say anything bad ?

Alfred Hitchcock or John Ford.
The filmmaker whose dare you speak well ?

Francis Veber .
Cinema disappears forever. An epitaph …

” Hope springs eternal in the human breast / Man never is , always aim to be blessed / The soul, uneasy and confined from home / Rests and expatiates in a life to come ” [ In French : Hope Springs , eternal, in the human heart / the man does not know happiness , it is coming / the restless soul , forever wandering / Sits and feeds a life to come , note] , Alexander Pope , Essay on man, 1734 .
The last picture?

Adam Brody, Carrie MacLemore and Adriano Giannini in the back of a taxi launched on the Georges – Pompidou in Paris , during the filming of The Cosmopolitans our series , which will be released in August .
Collected by Julien Gester

Whit Stillman Liens Français (Nouvelle + DVD)

Whit Stillman est le tournage de “The Cosmopolitans” à Paris, il est donc naturel de poster des liens en Français.   Aussi, où vous pouvez obtenir ses films sur DVD en Français.  Amusez-vous!

The Cosmopolitans : Adam Brody et Chloe Sevigny s’expatrient à Paris !

Amazon confirme le développement des pilotes Hand of God (Ron Perlman) et Cosmopolitans (Adam Brody)

The Cosmopolitans débarquent à Paris

Photo from @Lolitabenichou
Photo from @Lolitabenichou

Des pilots pour Hand of God et The Cosmopolitans

The Cosmopolitans : nouvelle série d’Amazon

Allocine Whit Stillman

DVD Whit Stillman en Français:

Metropolitan inconnu

Barcelona avec sous-titres Français [Region 1 USA] Doit avoir un joueur de région

Barcelona PAL VHS

Les Derniers Jours Du Disco (The Last Days of Disco) PAL DVD

Damsels in Distress PAL DVD


Barcelona VHS

Damsels in Distress Francais PAL

Barcelona Region 1 Avec Francais

International News For “The Cosmopolitans”

Here are some news links in French, German, Portuguese, Italian, etc.

If you know of any other news in any other languages please email or post in the comments.  Thanks!


Chloe Sevigny Photo From: pizquita.com
Chloe Sevigny Photo From: pizquita.com

allocine FR














Whit Stillman Films in Different Languages (Deutsch, Espanol, Francais, Nederlands, Portugues, Svenska etc.)

Parlez-vous Français?  ¿Habla usted Español?  Parli Italiano?  Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Stillman with headphones

If you answered si, ja, or oui, here are Whit Stillman’s films in those languages (please check the region code to make sure you can play it, as well as if that version has your chosen language)  If you know of other language versions please email or post in the comments…Here they are:


http://www.bol.com/nl/p/metropolitan/1002004000096401/ Subtitles:  Nederlands


http://www.amazon.co.uk/Barcelona-DVD-Region-Import-NTSC/dp/B00005Y71N/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1395967114&sr=8-4&keywords=whit+stillman The out of print Barcelona DVD has subtitles in Espanol, Francais, and Portugues

The Last Days of Disco:

http://www.amazon.de/Last-Days-Disco-Chlo%C3%AB-Sevigny/dp/B000JVT0M4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1395873427&sr=8-1&keywords=the+last+days+of+disco   The German DVD with subtitles in Deutsch, English, Portugues, Dansk, Norsk, Svenska, Polski, Suomalainen, Cestina, Nederlands

http://www.amazon.fr/Les-derniers-jours-du-disco/dp/B004X28ODQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1395873528&sr=8-1&keywords=les+derniers+disco  The French release of THE LAST DAYS OF DISCO of course is in French, but also in English with French Subtitles

http://www.offerta.mediasetpremium.it/cinema/Studio%20Universal/F008944201000102/the-last-days-of-disco.html  In Italiano on demand

Damsels in Distress:

http://www.amazon.ca/Damsels-Distress…      Subtitles: French, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Thai, Spanish, English

http://www.amazon.co.uk/Damsels-Distr…   Subtitles: Hindi, English


  • Sprache: Deutsch (Dolby Digital 5.1), Italienisch (Dolby Digital 5.1), Englisch (Dolby Digital 5.1)
  • Untertitel: Deutsch, Englisch, Italienisch, Türkisch


  • Audio : Français, Anglais
  • Sous-titres : Français, Anglais, Néerlandais, Arabe

Italia:  http://www.ibs.it/dvd-film/whit-still…   Subtitles:  inglese per non udenti – italiano – tedesco – turco

Espana:  http://cine.fnac.es/a872322/Damiselas… Subtitles: Espanol

Svenska (Also available in Norway, Denmark and Finland):  https://www.headweb.com/sv/375101/damsels-in-distress