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The Official Podcast Interviews Chris Eigeman

The Official Podcast has interviewed Chris Eigeman for their show.  Please give it a listen.

Eigeman talks about his work on Stillman’s films, his taste in music, his directing/writing projects and how he is working on a horror film.  He also reveals that the scene where he is convincing Tom that he may be the downtrodden, was his first time on camera.

Christopher Eigeman in 'Metropolitan'

You can also check out their Whit Stillman and Taylor Nichols interviews.

Chris Eigeman Audio Interview

Chris Eigeman was interviewed recently by Alice Hewitt, a graduate of both the journalism and media programs at St. Clair College’s MediaPlex campus.

Eigeman touches on social media, acting and directing.  Eigeman admits that since Stillman and him had worked so much together they decided not to partner on The Last Days of Disco.  However, when an actor did not work out, Eigeman stepped in.  He also talks about some future projects he has in the works.