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Oliver Stone’s ‘Red Azalea’

Before we get to more Damsels in Distress I keep forgetting to post this snippet from the New York Post:

Whit Stillman wanted to helm an adaptation of Anchee Min’s Maoist memoir, Red Azalea, as his next project after his 1998 film, The Last Days of Disco. But, he told us, he was pushed out of the project when Oliver Stone wanted in. Stillman says he was ready to extend an option to the book for $140,000, but the deal mysteriously collapsed when Stone showed interest. Stillman’s option lapsed, and Stone wound up dropping the film when he realized it couldn’t be shot in China.

I don’t think we’d previously heard that Oliver Stone was the reason Stillman dropped Red Azalea.

‘Metropolitan’ free online, two interviews and more

A bumper crop of Whit Stillman today.

The biggest news is that Stillman has released Metropolitan for free viewing online. Unfortunately this only works for those in the United States, but you lucky people can view the movie in full, for free, at Hulu.com. I’m in the UK so if you watch post in the comments how you find the experience.

This event has prompted IFC.com to do a brand new interview with Stillman. He talks about the projects he has at various stages of development such as Little Green Men and the Jamaican movie currently called Dancing Mood, past projects such as Red Azalea, and his occasional writing.

Spout Blog also has a new interview with Stillman in which he talks again about his current projects, about the difficulties of releasing independent films, and says there might be a Criterion release of The Last Days of Disco before too long.

Finally, Eric Burrit sends in a few old goodies: