Whit Stillman is on Twitter

Given the timeless, 21st-century-technology-free nature of Damsels in Distress it feels slightly wrong to say this, but Whit Stillman is now on Twitter as @WhitStillman and apparently enjoying it.

Time Out Chicago have confirmed that it’s Stillman and he explains why he uses so many seemingly un-Stillman-like abbreviations:

“It’s helped me follow the whole Juicegate controversy in all its fascinating details.” As for his use of words like “2nite”: “I have been meaning to ask whether using txt abbreviations in tweets is bad form. I like concision & find it a fun game; as I was in Europe when sms took over – years before it did in the States – I became v used to that and grew to love it.”

“Juicegate”? Michael Wolff (Vanity Fair contributing editor and author of a Rupert Murdoch biography) took a carton of juice into a screening of Damsels and the police were called. Many column inches were subsequently filled with varieties of outrage. It looks like Stillman has successfully taken Wolff to a subsequent screening. I’m sure we’re all relieved.

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  1. Reading Whit Stillman txt speak is sort of blowing my mind. I mean it’s fine, just not something I imagined he’d do.

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