“You missed the period.”

I thought you might like this little snippet about Whit Stillman’s attention to detail when it comes to actors performing his scripts. Mira Sorvino, who appeared in Stillman’s 1994 movie Barcelona, is quoted in Rob Owen’s article at Scripps News about a PBS documentary on Woody Allen, and she contrasts the two writer/directors’ styles. Owen writes:

Actress Mira Sorvino, who won an Oscar for her role in Allen’s Mighty Aphrodite, said she was surprised when she and Allen had a meeting before production began and he told her she didn’t have to read the dialogue as written, suggesting instead that she do whatever is the most natural, real and funny.

“I was stunned because I had grown up reading his books, like Without Feathers and Getting Even. … He’s one of our foremost comedic writers ever, and the fact that he had so little ego and ownership of his text was extraordinary, because I’d just come from working with Whit Stillman on Barcelona, who would stop you after a paragraph and say, “You missed the period.”

One thought on ““You missed the period.”

  1. That’s kind of a squishy comment from Mira, isn’t it? Whit’s precision is precisely (yes!) why his films are superior.

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