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The New Yorker Movie of the Week: ‘Barcelona’

Richard Brody at the The New Yorker has picked Whit Stillman’s Barcelona for the movie of the week.

And that’s why “Barcelona” is a comedy, and why the romance that drives it is so subtle and so complex. Stillman’s current project is a pilot for a Web series set, once more, among American expatriates, this time in Paris; it’s called “The Cosmopolitans,” and I’m jumping out of my skin with impatience to see it.

Barcelona Japan Poster Whit Stillman

Whit Stillman’s ‘Barcelona’ Turns 20

Whit Stillman’s Barcelona officially turns 20 today as it premiered at the Seattle International Film Festival on June 12, 1994.  Fire up the grill for some hamberguesas, grab some Rolling Rock out of the fridge and pop in Barcelona tonight.  You can also download to rent or own Barcelona through amazon or itunes.

The Official Podcast has done some really great interviews with both Whit Stillman and Taylor Nichols that you should check out (if you have not yet had the chance).  Also, a Charlie Rose interview transcript (the video is not available).  Lastly, a rare Barcelona TV ad.

Also, here are some photos from Barcelona by Corbis Images.

Photo by Eric Robert for Corbis June 11, 1993
Photo by Eric Robert for Corbis June 11, 1993



MBAChina.com Picks 惠特·斯蒂尔曼 ‘Barcelona’ as one of the Best Films to Understand American Business

MBAChina.com picks Whit Stillman’s Barcelona as one of the best films (out of eight) to understand American business.  I wonder if Maneuver X is discussed?  Boiler Room is also on the list (Taylor Nichols is in that film as well).

巴塞罗那 Barcelona​导演 : 惠特·斯蒂尔曼 Whit Stillman​主演 : 泰勒·尼科斯Taylor Nichols/克里斯·埃吉曼 Chris Eigeman​

评语 : 美国人的销售方式真的可以通行全球吗?一个美国销售员在西班牙的销售经历让我们学到销售的价值观,销售对客户文化的处理方式,销售对客户关系的把握。

Google translation:

Americans can access the global sales methods really do an American salesman sales experience in Spain we learn the values ​​of sales, sales to customers and cultural approach, sales grasp of customer relationships.