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Vanity Fair Picks ‘Metropolitan’ as one of the Top 10 Films About Manhattan

It is no surprise to me that Vanity Fair chose Whit Stillman’s Metropolitan as one of the top ten films about Manhattan.  Stillman’s first film (Oscar Nominated) captured things you can no longer find in Manhattan, including checker cabs and the Automat.  It is a timeless film that is so rich with amazing dialogue, that it can be watched over and over.  Metropolitan also played for seven months in NYC and is coming out again this August to celebrate 25 years.

Taylor Nichols and Edward Clements in a taxi in Whit Stillman's Metropolitan jpg

“Damsels in Distress” Video Interviews (BFI and Vanity Fair)

Here are some Damsels interviews from the archives.  They touch on a lot of things that are said in other interviews, but they’re both worth a watch.

The first is a Whit Stillman BFI interview:

Whit Stillman BFI

Greta Gerwig talks about Damsels in Distress to Krista Smith at Vanity Fair.  She discusses being a big Whit Stillman fan and how tap dancing lessons helped her secure her part: