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Tribeca Lists Tom Bennett as One of the Best Actors of 2016

Tom Bennett is one of the top 11 male actors from Tribeca Film so far for 2016.  Deservedly so as Tom Bennett chews up and steals every scene he’s in.  Bennett Continues to top lists of best actors.

Tom Bennett deserves an Oscar

Tom Bennett, Love & Friendship

From three of the year’s darkest performances to possibly its most inexplicably merry. Amid the subtle period schemings of Whit Stillman’s saucy and slender Jane Austin adaptation Love & Friendship, Tom Bennett’s pea-brained suitor is at once the film’s broadest character as well as its most routinely and creatively rewarding. From the second Bennett’s Sir James Martin stumbles into the film, grinning like a goof and prattling without pause, Stillman’s unique Austen interpretation rides a riotous comic high that reaches its most delightful peaks thanks to Bennett’s exuberantly odd and appropriately relentless energies. Through his efforts, the sheer act of backtracking has rarely been so masterful.