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Whit Stillman Talks Ice Cream Sandwiches, TV, Social Media, and Kubrick

The Official Podcast interviews Whit Stillman for their third episode.

Stillman and Astin

In Part 1 Stillman talks about:

  • Ice cream sandwiches (yes, he does)
  • TV and how he may be going into that arena soon
  • His use of social media
  • How Metropolitan played for seven months in NYC
  • 1/3 of Metropolitan’s gross came from Manhattan

Part 2:

  • Why he chose Chicago as the hometown of Ted
  • The location of the lake at the end of the film (A lake in the Northwoods of Wisconsin)
  • His love of Lake Shore Drive
  • The self help books in Barcelona and how a studio head helped keep their significance in the film
  • Stanley Kubrick’s love of Barcelona and how Kubrick wanted to know more about John Thomas’ cinematography
  • Nicole Kidman told Stillman how Kubrick liked Barcelona, as did Thomas Gibson
  • How a shot in Eyes Wide Shut is similar to one in Barcelona
  • Stillman’s advice on who you should listen to when writing a script
  • E. Digby Baltzell  (Stillman’s godfather) encouraged him to keep the Polly Perkins monologue, when others told him it was too long
  • How the G and H in The Last Days of Disco are gonorrhea and herpes and not HIV like some people have speculated on the internet
  • Lastly he talks about Evelyn Waugh