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Whit Stillman’s ‘The Cosmopolitans’ Premiering at the End of August

Some newspapers and Imdb (this site included due to the misinformation) had previously reported that Whit Stillman’s upcoming Amazon pilot The Cosmopolitans (FAQ page) would be premiering June 30th.  This is in fact incorrect and imdb has changed this and publications like Variety have stated that it would be coming out at the tail end of 2014.  Now, Whit Stillman has confirmed in a Collider interview that:

It will premiere through Amazon in the United States and in England at the end of August.

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When The Cosmopolitans pilot premieres, it will be available to view for free on amazon.  You can then watch it and vote for it and if it gets enough votes it will have 10 episodes ordered in the future.  As more news breaks on a definite date and link to watch it, I’ll make sure you know where to check it out.

Right now you can go to this site’s FAQ page on The Cosmopolitans.  There you will find information from various sources on what we know so far about the show.