Tom Bennett On Playing the Fool

‘Love & Friendship’ & Tiny Green Balls: Tom Bennett On Playing the Fool by:  Drew Grant at the Observer (May 11, 2016)

Love & Friendship is out today in NYC & LA.

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Observer: Not to be too hyperbolic, but whenever you appeared in Love & Friendship, it was like you leaped off the screen. I was dying.

Bennett: It was such good fun. I love to read a script and go “Oh yeah, I get it.” And with comedy, half the time you read the script and go “Everything is there, I don’t need to do anything with that.” The other half you need to work to improve it, but it’s all in the script with Whit. It was all there and it all made perfect sense to me the first time I read it. It was a joy to get on the set and into that costume with those people and make it work, make it funny, make it brilliant.