Excellent Whit Stillman Interview From Collider

Whit Stillman is interviewed by Talia Soghomonian at Collider in an interview that touches on his movies, being honored in France, writing tips, John Ford, the release date for The Cosmopolitans, a deleted scene from Metropolitan (I believe it has never been discussed until now) and his upcoming Jane Austen project Love and Friendship (which he hopes to start filming in September and October).

Whit Scarf

Stillman states that The Cosmopolitans will be coming out on Amazon in the USA and England at the end of August.  Imdb has also changed their release date to “not yet released” instead of June 30th.

It is a great read and one of the most thorough articles on Stillman that I have seen in a while.

“I think it’s the struggle of the screenwriter to find material that resonates with the screenwriter and maybe with the public. And it’s finding the characters who then come alive and tell a story,” he says.

The first film he ever saw was Bambi, the last movie which made him cry was Gold Diggers of 1935, directed by Busby Berkeley, and he regrets he never got the chance to direct Cary Grant in a film. While he considers Jean Cocteau as the ultimate artist, he is also a John Ford fan.

“I don’t have a lot of John Ford in Metropolitan, but in the movie I made next, Barcelona, we watched Ford’s Wagon Music because we wanted to make something like American folklore.”

“There was a scene that didn’t make the final cut where Tom was talking on the phone with his dad and crying. In the cutting room, the editor told me, ‘Let’s cut this and send it to your dad!”

“We began to shoot this series in Paris and it’s interesting for me because, for the first time since Metropolitan, I can work with material I’m familiar with, groups of people, characters, parties, all that. I think for a writer, real-life material helps a lot.”

“So we hope to shoot that in Dublin in September and October with Sienna Miller and Chloe Sevigny and some other really great actors.”