What we Know About Whit Stillman’s ‘The Cosmopolitans’ so far

Vanity Fair Video Preview

A flood of news (plus news in Francais, Deutsch, Italiano etc.) came pouring in after it was announced Whit Stillman’s The Cosmopolitans had been greenlit by Amazon Studios.

Here is what we know so far:

Who stars in it?

imdb states:  Adam Brody “Jimmy”, Dree Hemingway “Camille”, Adriano Giannini “Woddy”, Carrie MacLemore “Aubrey”, Chloe Sevigny “Vicky”, Freddy Åsblom “Fritz”, Jordan Rountree “Hal”, Armelle Deutsch and Francis Leplay

Photo of Adam Brody, Chloe Sevigny & Adriano Giannini  Photo by: @WhitStillman
Photo of Adam Brody, Chloe Sevigny & Adriano Giannini Photo by: @WhitStillman

Businesswire.com has Freddy Åsblom listed as playing “Fritz.”  It also has Adriano Giannini’s character listed as “Sando”, while imdb has him listed as “Woddy.”

Has it started filming yet?

Yes, various on set photos have popped up on twitter and websites.  It is now in post production.

How long will it be?

Variety states it will be 30 minutes in length.

amazon studios

When does the pilot come out?

Vanity Fair:   It will be coming out August 28th on Amazon.

Collider:  Whit Stillman states, “It will premiere through Amazon in the United States and in England at the end of August.”

In a French interview Whit Stillman states August

The Hollywood Reporter:

Other pilots Amazon Studios has in the works include dramedy “The Cosmopolitans” from Whit Stillman and hour-long drama “Hand of God,” starring Ron Perlman (“Sons of Anarchy”) and helmed by Marc Forster (“Monster’s Ball,” “World War Z”). Those are slated to come out later in 2014 as part of a third wave of pilots Amazon will present for public feedback.


Honor is expected to join Amazon’s upcoming slate of pilots, set to be released later this year, which include Whit Stillman drama Cosmopolitan and Ron Perlman starrer Hand of God.

Imdb states not yet released

Imdb states June 30th, 2014, though this is unconfirmed and doesn’t match any other news about it being released later in 2014

Variety states sometime later in 2014

When will it be known if the pilot has been picked up and how can I see it?

Variety states:  As with its first two pilot waves, any Amazon users will again be able to watch, rate and comment on which shows they’d like to see picked up as full series, which will then become available on Prime Instant Video.

How many episodes will there be?

Robert Bodrog interview with Stillman:

RB: How many episodes have you shot?

WS: We’ve just done the pilot.

RB: And if people like it, they get to vote on it?

WS: That’s it. I’d love for people to support it and vote for it. Because then we’ll get to make more.

RB: Then you’d get to do a whole series, a whole season?

WS: If it gets the green light, we’d get to make a series of 10 episodes.

Where is it being filmed?


Collider:  “We began to shoot this series in Paris and it’s interesting for me because, for the first time since Metropolitan, I can work with material I’m familiar with, groups of people, characters, parties, all that. I think for a writer, real-life material helps a lot.”

What is it about?

From NY Magazine:  Whit Stillman states: “It’s sort of Metropolitan meets Barcelona in Paris.” He looks at his brunch partner and adds, “With some Last Days of Disco thrown in.”

Robert Bodrog interview with Stillman:  The Cosmopolitans is more like the other films.  (Meaning it’s not like Damsels in Distress, but more like his first three films)

ELLE interview with Chloe Sevigny:  You’re also doing an Amazon series with Whit Stillman, right?

Yes! So far, we’ve only shot the pilot, and it’s very Whit. The script has his voice, which I really love, and it has a similar cadence to his other movies, and a really subversive humor and intellect. It’s a comedy, obviously, called The Cosmopolitans and it’s about searching for love in Paris.

Interview (in French) from next.liberation.fr: The last shot of the pilot:  Adam Brody, Carrie MacLemore and Adriano Giannini in the back of a taxi launched on the Georges – Pompidou in Paris , during the filming of The Cosmopolitans our series , which will be released in August.

Amazon states: The loves and adventures of a group of young ex-patriates in Paris.