Entrevista Whit Stillman Intereconomía Dec 7th 2012

Miguel Rodríguez writes again and has this gem of an interview from Espana.

Thanks Miguel!

Check out the translation underneath the video that Miguel so kindly provided.

Juan Ignacio Ocaña: For those who are in Spain this weekend,
they have the opportunity to see an extraordidary film
that will be presented to all of you,
but before of that, see some images of the film

JIC: These are some images from the film “Damsels in Distress”
wich we willtry to explain a bit with its writer and director
Mister Whit Stillman who is joining us tonight in Intereconomia TV

JIC: Good evening Mr Stillman and first of all, thank you for be with us tonight

Whit Stillman: Thanks

JIC: You talk a fantastic spanish because you have lived in Madrid and Barcelona some time

WS: I have a funny spanish accent

JIC: A funny spanish!

WS: Yes

JIC: Is “Damsels in distress” a comedy?

WS: Yes, it is a comedy, I would say that
it is an “smart nonsense”, the whole thing

JIC: It’s the story o a group of girls
with a certain lifestyle,
a fashion enthusiasts
in which, someday, a new girl breaks into
and change the life of all of them

WS: Yes, the girls are trying to change the college life
It is a college full of rude boys
and yhe girls want to correct their behaviour

JIC: want they to correct them?
JIC: In what sense?

WS: Well, in the sense of hygiene and behaviour

JIC: This is a movie that has just opened in Spain
and where this film was shot, Mr Stillman?

WS: We have shot near New York
in a place that resembles a College
but it is not a college campus, but it is another thing

JIC: Whit Stillman is the director,
but he is the screenwriter of this movie too

WS: Yes

JIC: Where this story was born?

WS: This story was born in my university, Harvard
When in Harvard, I were in a politized, revolutionary years
And when I came back, some years later
everybody was talking about a group of six girls
who put french parfum among people, nice dressed
and that organised parties and dance balls
a group of girls that definitely changed everything
and I wanted to talk about that kind of girls

JIC: Were you some of these “bad guys”?

WS: Oh yes (laughs)…., I were a bit depressed at that time..

JIC: Who is the target public of this film?
Young people or people who want to recall their college years?

WS: It is good for general public, above twelve years old
Young people likes the film, as well as people of my generation

JIC: The shooting was short, how long did it take?

WS: It was short, it took twenty-eight days

JIC: The actresses were not well known because of their youngness,
but one of them have made important movies before this

WS: We had a very important actress, called Greta Gerwig,
who in the last two or three years had become an outstanding actress in the United States
We will see more works from her soon

WS: Unless this a movie recommended for our generation
I recommend it to my partner Carmen Estany
because she can remember her college years better than us (laughs)

Carmen Estany: Yes, it was not long ago from now (laughs)

WS: Were you happy then?

CS: Yes I was!

JIC: Were you some of the bad girls? (laughs)

CS: I will not answer that question…

JIC: She was one of the girls who surely changed the group…

JIC: The film has opend in  Spain and waits for a very interesting itinerary, I think,
in times when comedy becomes neccessary…

WS: And there is a dance craze in the film
The girls want to promote a dance craze, the Sambola
I hope everybody would want to learn the Sambola,
a dance that get together parts of the best dances

JIC: We will try here in Intereconomía to publicise the sountrack and the Sambola dance

JIC: Mr Stillman I am grateful to you to have been with us in the last minutes. I remind you the new film “Damsels in distress” (Damiselas en apuros), by Whit Stillman, whose skills in spanish are fantastic.
The movie gets close to youth in their college years, and to those who were college students years ago
Thank you very much Mr Stillman

WS: Thanks very much

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