‘Damsels in Distress’ on DVD and Blu-ray: Dates

Sharp-eyed reader Brian Vanhook spotted that Amazon.com has listings for DVD and Blu-ray versions of [Damsels in Distress](https://www.whitstillman.org/wp/films/damsels-in-distress/), with a release date of 31 July, available for pre-order. This prompted me to try other countries, and here are a few links for various Amazons (prices correct at time of writing):





France, Italy, Spain

  • No listings yet.

There’s no information yet about what, if any, special features are on the discs.

Buying from Amazon through the links above will, eventually, send a small amount of money my way. Thank you.

4 thoughts on “‘Damsels in Distress’ on DVD and Blu-ray: Dates

  1. Also note that Metropolitan and Disco are both coming out on Blu Ray in July, courtesy Criterion. July is Stillman month!

  2. Any chance of DiD coming out on iTunes? Plus Last Days of Disco? DiD never showed in a theater near me, so I had no chance to see it.

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