Chris Eigeman in HBO’s ‘Girls’

You’ll probably be interested to know that Stillman regular Chris Eigeman is in the new HBO TV series Girls. If you’re in the US you can watch the entire first episode online for free.

Chris Eigeman in 'Girls'
Chris Eigeman in ‘Girls’

If you’re not in the US it might be hypothetically possible to watch the episode via a VPN service, although free ones might not be up to the job of watching the stream smoothly. I imagine so. It’s probably wrong to even try. And it would probably be the case that, if you were doing this, the stream would be so jerky you could only watch enough to confirm that the show’s dialogue, which you’d only hear in tiny snippets, is, indeed, of the funny and wordy style that might appeal to Stillman fans. However, even this might be sufficient to find an appearance of Eigeman playing what seems like an annoying boss, and take a quick screenshot. Hypothetically, anyway. Who knows?