No swearing on set

Two short bits from Damsels in Distress actors…

First, the New York Post’s ‘Page Six’ has a paragraph quoting Greta Gerwig, saying that swearing wasn’t allowed on set:

“If you said a bad word on the open mike, [Whit would] look at you and shake his head,” the actress says in Town & Country’s April cover story. As a result, she wound up speaking like one of Stillman’s loquacious characters. “It felt perfectly natural to [speak] in a many-claused sentence [with] lots of commas and caveats.”

And second, Analeigh Tipton is interviewed at Flaunt, an article which includes a couple of quotes from Stillman:

“Analeigh would have been the sort of girl a Salinger character would have fallen for,” says Whit Stillman who directs her in Damsels in Distress, the director’s highly anticipated, first film in over a decade (due out this April).

“My idea was that Lily [Tipton’s character] is one of those people we assume is ‘really great,’ but, actually, isn’t,” explains Stillman. “I had imagined a man-magnet sexy beauty, fresh faced but at her core ‘plastic’ who would be Violet’s [Gerwig’s character] nemesis… But Analeigh made the character more likeable and difficult to place than I intended.”