‘Damsels in Distress’ trailer released

Swiftly after the movie’s poster, the trailer for Damsels in Distress has been released:

I tried to watch this as naively as I could, wondering what I’d think if I saw it at the cinema without knowing anything about the film or Whit Stillman. I think it works well, fitting into that quirky “indie” comedy bracket that’s become more popular since Stillman last released a film. I wonder if this means it will seem more acceptable, or normal, to audiences than his earlier films did when they were released. Is there a larger audience that’s accepting of this deadpan delivery that probably once turned a lot of people off?

Anyway, good to see the trailer at last, and thanks to Jonathan Takagi and Ryan Lockwood for the pointer.

2 thoughts on “‘Damsels in Distress’ trailer released

  1. Started smiling as soon as I heard that classic Stillman-esque dialogue in the trailer. So glad he’s back!!

  2. The trailer seems to offer a glimpse of the snappy Stillman writing. The film should be cause for joy in those who enjoy humor, style, and subtlety.

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