Stillman radio interview and Sundance video

Two new Metropolitan-related items from reader Eric Burritt. First, a radio interview with Stillman from 2009. I’ve put off posting this because I wanted to listen to the interview first but haven’t had time.

You can download the file directly into iTunes (if you use it), which is the best way to avoid the advertising at the start and skip Carol Douglas’s Doctor’s Orders (as good as the track is). Go here, click any ‘View in iTunes’ link, and then, in iTunes click the ‘FREE’ button next to the ‘UHB at the Disco’ track.

Phew. Anyway, worth a listen I’m sure, all 90 minutes of it.

We also have another bit of video from 2010’s Sundance Film Festival at which Metropolitan was screened, twenty years after its first showing. Stillman talks briefly about it and there are also appearances from Chris Eigeman and Taylor Nichols:

There’s a bit of the sense that then independent cinema was the future and certainly now it’s the past. And there is a kind of golden age that’s left us. And I think there’ll probably be other golden ages or other good things but it’s kind of a great period.