‘Damsels’ may feature Stillman regulars

Jefferson Root pointed us to his write-up of a brief conversation he had with Whit Stillman at the LA Film Festival. Stillman said Damsels in Distress, currently casting, would be shot “more Metropolitan style” (presumably, simpler and lower budget than the later films). He also said some of his regular actors might appear:

According to Stillman, Damsels “looks like it’s really happening”. He’s currently casting the film in LA, with additional casting to be done in New York. Stillman said that they already have “some of the money” and that they hope to start shooting in New York in September or October. Fans of his earlier work will likely not be disappointed to hear him claim that Damsels will be shot “more Metropolitan style.” They’re early on in the casting process, so he wasn’t able to reveal many details, but he did allow that some of the regulars from his previous films would likely be involved, though he said “unfortunately there aren’t that many male roles.”

Read the interview for more, including news that Criterion is trying to secure the DVD rights to Barcelona.

2 thoughts on “‘Damsels’ may feature Stillman regulars

  1. Actually, the current DVD version of Barcelona is pretty good – especially the joint commentary with Whit, Taylor and Chris.

  2. Yeah, but a Criterion box set would be awesome. One of the greatest trilogies of all time deserves a box set. It would be cool to see a round table discussion with the actors and Stillman. Make it in blu-ray and that would be great. In fact I hope the other films eventually get a blu-ray treatment.

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