Good reviews of ‘Disco’ needed

On a (seemingly random) previous post, “zelda” points out that The Last Days of Disco on is currently suffering from several very poor, very brief, reviews. Look back a page or two under the ‘Reviews’ tab to see them in their dismal one- and two-star glory.

But what’s the point of having a site about a director if you can’t encourage fans to boost him up!? So head on over and write your own review of the film to encourage people to watch!

7 thoughts on “Good reviews of ‘Disco’ needed

  1. Last days of Disco is the ugly stepchild of the Stillman Trilogy.

    i did not bother to finish the film after seeing the first 20 minutes.

    Disco is probably what drove stillman into retirement.

  2. You’ve got to sit down again and commit yourself to the film–the first time that I watched it, I loathed the characters…until the very final moments, when it all came together and made sense. Disco is definitely a case of the destination putting the trip into perspective. Now that I’ve experienced the story from beginning to end I love watching the film unfold.

  3. Regarding Barcelona: The character in Barcelona known as “the consul”; After watching the movie I found myself searching for who wrote the script because “the consul” character so resembled my own thinking I wondered if I had chanced upon Whit Stillman at some point. I enjoyed Barcelona immensley due to the fact that I’ve lived overseas for many years myself.

  4. From Criterion Collection Newsletter-

    The Last Days of Disco – Criterion Collection
    Release Date – August 25, 2009

    · New, restored high-definition digital transfer, supervised and approved by director Whit Stillman
    · Audio commentary featuring Stillman and actors Chloë Sevigny and Chris Eigeman
    · Four deleted scenes with commentary by Stillman, Eigeman, and Sevigny
    · Stills gallery with production notes by Stillman
    · Stillman reading a chapter from The Last Days of Disco, with Cocktails at Petrossian Afterwards, his novelization of the movie
    · Behind-the-scenes featurette
    · Original theatrical trailer
    · PLUS: An essay by novelist David Schickler

  5. ‘Disco’ is a wittier, worthier and funnier Woody Allen(esque) movie than anything Allen himself has managed in at least the last decade, with a ‘Lady and the Tramp’ debate that’s the intertextual equal of Tarantino.

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