Stillman adapting Jane Austen novels

‘Shadenfrau’ emailed a brief news item from the 22 Dec 2003 edition of Variety:

Five years after his last movie, “The Last Days of Disco,” American writer-director Whit Stillman is developing a Jane Austen project with Brit producer Stephen Evans. Paris-based Stillman, who first found fame with his Austen-esque comedies of preppy manners “Metropolitan” and “Barcelona,” is adapting two unfinished Austen novels, “The Watsons” and “Sanditon,” into a single script, titled “Winchester Races.”

His script merges the character of Emma Watson, a girl returning to her family after a long absence being brought up by her aunt, and that of Charlotte Hayward from “Sanditon,” an attractive country girl taken up by a family of comically optimistic real-estate speculators.