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Reader Miguel Rodríguez’s Experience Seeing the Film at the Academia de Cine

Frequent reader of the site, Miguel Rodríguez, was kind enough to pass on his experience of viewing Love & Friendship at Academia de Cine.  Love & Friendship is now playing in many major cities in Spain (including Barcelona of course):
I would like to share with you and the site some memories of the preview of Love&Friendship that took place in Madrid, at the Academia de Cine (Film Academy of Spain) on November 10th, 2016.
I have been able to join the event thanks to an invitation from Avalon film distributor, and the Jane Austen’s enthusiasts website Salón de Té Jane Austen(thanks very much to them!).
First, Love & Friendship, Amor y Amistad in Spain, was screened in its original English version, with Spanish subtitles.  Watching this movie in the original language is mandatory if you want to enjoy with the exquisite vocal performances of the cast.  A very large screen and a superb projection system allowed us to watch the movie with perfect detail and clear sound; how an excellent projection theater owns the Academy!  This was the third time I saw L&F, I was again pleased with the film and could catch new details that I missed the last two times.
After screening, Whit Stillman and Enrique Bocanegra, from Avalon, joined us to start a talk about the film. Whit talked about all the reasons to bring Lady Susan to a movie, all the troubles in the process, and shared details of the Ireland shoot with us. Some future projects were outlined by the director, let’s hope to be fulfilled.
All this event was joyful and exciting to me because this was the first time I could meet Whit Stillman in person. After the talk, I greet him and asked him to sign an old dvd Metropolitan sleeve. I was delighted by his kind attention.
Thanks Miguel, and we hope that the film has a great run in España!