The Style of ‘Disco’

Style In Last Days Of Disco by Pete Anderson for Put this On, (April 26, 2019)

The style in Whit Stillman’s The Last Days of Disco,which will be playing soon at Film Forum is discussed in this article.

  • Des wears sportcoats over tshirts, with jeans and loafers (sometimes Gucci bit loafers)
  • Tom gets some of the best shirt/tie combinations.
  • Jimmy wears contrast collar shirts and dark suits; casually, he wears shetland sweaters and a prep school sweatshirt.
  • Josh wears conservative gray suits, OCBDs, and rep ties. At one point Alice mentions to him that all his clothes fit a little big — he claims he’s waiting for a growth spurt.
  • Dan, who’s helping to organize a union at the office, wears OCBDs with the sleeves rolled up and never a sportcoat or suit.
  • The club’s other employees’ costumes tend toward 80s movie villain tropes: leather jackets or long, drape-y coats, turtlenecks, loose linen shirts.