This Is the Perfect Time of Year to Rewatch Whit Stillman’s Metropolitan

Very nice article by Nate Jones at Vulture, but I would argue, that while Metropolitan is a Christmas vacation film, (it has a title card for that) it’s also very much a Christmas film as well.  So it’s both a Christmas and “after Christmas” film.  Metropolitan even has the distinction of being in Criterion’s 12 Days of Criterion Christmas.  The 12 Days of Christmas being celebrated 12/25 to 1/5.  Stillman has also stated in past interviews (including one with The Awl, by Sharan Shetty) that the film represents the 1969 deb season:

There also seems to be a change in tone before and after Christmas. Before, the film is mostly intellectual conversation. After, it’s drug-taking, candor games, and fistfights. Was that a conscious decision?

Definitely. That’s supposed to represent 60s going into the 70s. The whole transition between the cultures of those respective decades.