Christmas Related Articles

Here are a few Christmas related items from Whit Stillman’s Metropolitan:

From the archives of the New York Times comes an article about the Yule Log from Thomas Vinciguerra:

Like Christmas itself, the Yule log means different things to different people. ”It’s sort of a symbol of loneliness,” said the director Whit Stillman, who depicted a solitary Yule log viewer in a melancholy scene in his 1990 movie ”Metropolitan.” ”It probably wasn’t a great Christmas for you if you were watching it.” But, Mr. Stillman added, ”it’s a great thing to have when you touch bottom socially. No matter how low you go, if you had a TV, you had the Yule log.”

The Yule Log will be making a comeback this year as well:

NEW YORK — PIX11, Tribune Broadcasting’s New York flagship station, is thrilled to announce the station will air the original 1966 version of the Yule Log, which has not been seen on air since 1969. The 1966 Yule Log, long assumed to be permanently lost, was found and restored. It will air as a one-hour presentation exclusively on PIX11 on Christmas Eve 2016, exactly 50 years after its debut and again on Christmas morning.

Whit Stillman’s favorite Christmas film is Shop Around the Corner (New York Times, October 28, 2011).

The film’s timeless quality suggests the lasting attractions of Christmas, changing with the period of one’s life but not so much between the generations.

James Wolcott at Vanity Fair wrote on December 23rd, 2011 that:

But the movie that best captures the mood of Christmas for me is one that isn’t thought of as a holiday classic at all–Whit Stillman’s Metropolitan.