‘Metropolitan’ Article from The Edge

Camilla Cassidy for The Edge, writes a nice article on Whit Stillman’s Metroplitan and how you should check it out if you are looking for a Christmas film.

4 Christmas Eve Church Service Metropoiltan  copy

Following on from yesterday’s piece, columnist James Slaymaker has one final idea for alternative seasonal watching for you – should you be feeling a little tired of The Muppet’s Christmas Carol, or you’re not exactly looking forward to a fifth viewing of Love Actually.

Metropolitan (1990)

A masterwork of gradual world-building and delicately crafted dialogue, Whit Stillman’s micro-budget period piece Metropolitan resembles something akin to a Hollywood classism revival filtered through the giddy formal shabbiness of a Luc Moullet movie. Detailing the romantic entanglements of a group of bourgeois, over-educated college over the course of their Christmas vacation, this half-mocking, half-affectionate comedy of manners is so effortlessly witty that it takes a while to register that it’s essentially an elegy. Stillman’s ambivalence lies in the fact that he doesn’t necessarily see the inevitable passing of this way of life as a negative development for society as a whole, yet it deserves mourning anyway.