Twelve Great Quotations From ‘Metropolitan’ Plus an old Variety Article

Doug Ray at Buzzfeed has a list of twelve great quotes from Whit Stillman’s Metropolitan.

Wilt (sic) Stillman’s 1990 character study about a group of young, wealthy and well educated Manhattan socialites growing up through the annual debutante season,Metropolitan, is the movie you should be watching right now, but be warned, you will not be able to stop quoting it.

Metropolitan Babar


Literary Metropolitan


From 1991 comes this article from the archives of Variety:

Who Will Be This Year’s Whit Stillman At Fest?

“Metropolitan” sold everywhere but Holland at Cannes,” recalls Stillman, whose $300,000 film appeared in last year’s Directors Fortnight, the festival-within-the-festival that has traditionally been Cannes’ home for low-budget U.S. productions. One hour before Stillman left for Cannes, “Metropolitan” was picked up by New Line. “We recovered all our production costs from that sale, so Cannes was all gravy,” says the director.