New Whit Stillman Amazon Studios Project Close to a Deal

Amazon Studios, who already have many projects out or in the works are adding another to their slate.  Whit Stillman will be writing, directing, and executive producing a new show about young expatriates in Paris.  The show will be titled Cosmopolitan, which is a nice nod to his first film.  The main indiewire site says that according to Deadline the project is “close” to having a deal finalized.  If you are a Whit Stillman fan, these last few days have been like Christmas.  Hopefully more good news and details will be coming soon!

Illustration by Pierre Le-Tan
Illustration by Pierre Le-Tan


The indiewire blog site had this to say (it also talks about the Jane Austen project):

Titled “Cosmopolitan” (Stillman’s first film was “Metropolitan,” for those keeping score), Stillman will write, direct and executive produce, and the show will chronicle the loves and adventures of a group of young expatriates in Paris (Stillman spent plenty of time there during his “in the wilderness” period after going more than ten years between films; ‘Disco’ in 1998 and “Damsels in Distress” in 2011). It was also recently announced that Stillman would be working on a Jane Austen-inspired book titled, “Love & Friendship: An Adaptation of Jane Austen’s Unfinished Novella Concerning the Beautiful Lady Susan Vernon, Her Loves and Friendships, and the Strange Antagonism of the DeCourcy Family.”

2 thoughts on “New Whit Stillman Amazon Studios Project Close to a Deal

  1. I remember seeing Metropolitan and thought it was a clever comedy of manners but there is an expression they used to use when I was in school – “time on task” – as what it took to get really good at your job. When I saw Damsels in Distress, I thought it was too long, tedious and detached. I remember the Times wrote something about it being disconnected from any recognizable social reality (or a similar phrase). Is he going to be able to connect when we are saturated with reality shows like Rich Kids of Beverly Hills and the Kardashians? And why not just go back to the idea he had months ago, doing the Lady Susan movie?

  2. It’s good to read that Whit has a project in the works. I agree with Barbara about Metropolitan and Damsels. Metropolitan was finely crafted. Damsels seemed scatter shot. Hopefully Cosmopolitan will be closer to Metropolitan or Barcelona.

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