J. Press is Shuttering its Madison Avenue Flagship

Kim Velsey at The New York Observer writes about J. Press’ temporary closure and Whit Stillman gets a shout out.  J. Press was mentioned in Metropolitan.

And don’t think you can just hop on MetroNorth for a tweed fix. J. Press’s original York Street store is also closed—this December, the New Haven building was declared structurally unsound—and while the clothing purveyor has set up a temporary shop on College Street, a rented storefront could hardly be called a beacon of hope in these dark times.  (“If I listen hard, I think I can hear Whit Stillman crying,” quipped a colleague.)

The store is expected to re-open, most likely at some point in 2015, according to Ivy Style, although it may be sooner if the clothier can find a suitable location in the meantime. Though nothing will be as ideal as the current location, situated, as it is, equidistant from the Harvard and Yale clubs. Still, the Madison Avenue store will remain open through the 18th and there’s always the Cambridge and Washington D.C. stores, as well as the one in New Haven—just be sure to stop by Mory’s for a drink first to blunt the trauma of the temporary location.