The Twelve Scenes of Christmas

From Roger Ebert’s site comes this article by Brian Doan of The Twelve Scenes of Christmas.  Metropolitan is right in there between Batman Returns and The Thin Man.

It’s set during a Christmas break, but it’s that sense of secrets held close, then released under pressure, that makes “Metropolitan” a true Christmas film. The movie tells the story of Tom, a young man who, home for the holidays from Princeton, attends a debutante ball and falls in with a group of the “UHB,” or “upper haute bourgeoisie”: a term bandied by one for their own social scene (and used ironically by the film to both satirize and create sympathy with them). Tom and his mother are not wealthy since her divorce, but this is the world he comes from, even if he wants to see himself apart from it. And it’s a world of secrets: about class, about love, about politics, about sex. Over a series of debutante ball after-parties, those secrets slowly come out.

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  1. I watch Metropolitan every year (since I first saw it about 20 years ago) at Christmas time. It is a true Christmas film and brings joy every time I view it.

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