Carl’s Rock Songbook #71: Swingin’ Tips for Youth Group Leaders, Courtesy of Whit Stillman and Jane Austen

Carl Scott from First Things writes:

This is going to be an odd essay. The argument, in a nut-shell, is that those officially charged with being our youth leaders, whether by religious groups or schools, as well as those who unofficially are youth leaders, simply by being youths themselves that their peers might follow if invited and challenged to do so, should consider the possibility that the most neglected and yet effective way they might serve contemporary youth would be to throw a successful dance party.

Greta Gerwig in 'Damsels in Distress'
Greta Gerwig as Violet in ‘Damsels in Distress’.
Photo by Kerry Brown, Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics

They need to heed the example of the quirkiest character in Whit Stillman’s quirkiest film, Violet of DAMSELS IN DISTRESS.