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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


From the archives of the New York Times comes an article about the Yule Log from Thomas Vinciguerra.

 Like Christmas itself, the Yule log means different things to different people. ”It’s sort of a symbol of loneliness,” said the director Whit Stillman, who depicted a solitary Yule log viewer in a melancholy scene in his 1990 movie ”Metropolitan.” ”It probably wasn’t a great Christmas for you if you were watching it.” But, Mr. Stillman added, ”it’s a great thing to have when you touch bottom socially. No matter how low you go, if you had a TV, you had the Yule log.”

47 Years of the Yule Log

Almost a year ago to this date, Leah Churner at the Sundance Channel blog did a history of the broadcasted Yule Log and Metropolitan figures right into that history.

1990: Early signs of log nostalgia: In director Whit Stillman’s Metropolitan,The Yule Log is positioned as a heartbreaking metaphor for loneliness and class anxiety. As the TV log glows in Tom Townsend’s meager apartment on the west side of Manhattan, real fireplaces roar unnoticed at the Plaza Hotel, and audiences outside of New York are introduced to the concept of the televised hearth.