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‘Town & Country’ Magazine Article on ‘Metropolitan’ 30th Anniversary

August 30th Town & Country article by Trey Taylor

Taylor Nichols (Charlie Black): I saw a casting in Backstage magazine, and I went to an open call. There were probably 500 people there. I almost didn’t stay. But I did and I think I was the first person cast. Whit and I and John Thomas went around New York before we started shooting, and shot me walking in and out of parties, saying a few lines here and there, so we could get some of those big debutante parties that were happening around the holidays.

Charles Mudede Article on ‘Metropolitan’

Here’s a throwback Thursday article, written in 2015 by Charles Mudede for The Stranger on November 25, 2015, titled: The After-Party Lingers On. The article is Mudede’s take on Metropolitan and his experience watching it.

Charles Mudede is the co-writer of the Seattle set, Police Beat.

Though the film is deliberately vague about its time period, presumably for budgetary reasons, the title card tells us we’re in a Manhattan of “not so very long ago.” Metropolitan is not set during the late-1980s, when it was shot, but 20 years earlier, in the late-1960s.