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‘70s and ‘80s provide background for Whit Stillman films

Here’s what Peggy Earle of hamptonroads.com has to say of the release of Stillman’s The Last Days of Disco and Metropolitan on Blu-ray: 

CRITERION HAS BROUGHT out two director-approved Blu-rays of Whit Stillman’s independent films. The two films mostly comment on upper class young adults, in and around their milieu, much of it based on Stillman’s own experiences in New York City. Stillman succeeds at poking fun at many of his subjects, but understandably does it with a hint of recognition and plenty of sympathy. It’s no accident that two of his characters in “Metropolitan” bicker about the value of Jane Austen novels, as both films are modern-day comedies of manners, focused on the privileged class as well as some wannabes.

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