The Last Days of Disco Credits

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The Cast

DVD cover

Ted Boynton – Taylor Nichols
Fred Boynton – Chris Eigeman
Montserrat – Tushka Bergen
Marta – Mira Sorvino
Ramon – Pep Munne
Greta – Hellena Schmied
Autora Boval – Nuria Badia
Dickie Taylor – Thomas Gibson
The Consul – Jack Gilpin

Young Doctor – Pere Ponce
Ted’s Assistant – Laura Lopez
Frank – Francis Creighton
Javier – Edmon Roch

Women, Night of San Juan:
“Shootings in America” – Diana Sassen
“Jazz” – Angels Bassas
“USO Bombing” – Elisenda Bautista

1st Trade Fair Girl – Andrea Montero
Jurgen: “People not ants” – Paul Degen
Plain Princess – Paca Barrera
Hangar Trumpeter – Nico Baixas

Weekending Doctor – Gerardo Selliger
Hospital Nurses – Merce Puy, Rosa Grifell
Marta’s other guy – Francesc X. Canals
Terrorist Gunman – Juan Martinez-Lage
Sevillanas Dancers – Isabel Ruiz de Villa, Montserrat Zuriguel

Cool Barcelonans:
Gabriela Tubella, Leopoldo Pomes Jr., Ana & Elizabeth Sans, Carina Murtra, Helena Garrabou, Nacho Fontcuberta, Silvia Loewe, Florencio Sueldo, Toni Priante & Ines Ventos

Betty – Debbon Ayer
Prof. Thompson – George H. Beane
Schoolboy Actors – James Shaw Stillman Finley, George Andrew Johnston, Gordon Pennoyer
IHSMOCO Salesmen – George Sim Johnston, Russell Pennoyer
Voice of Audiotape – J. Harden Rose
Catalan Businessman – Jonni Bassiner
Young Ted at Lake – Alexander Mantel
Young Fred at Lake – Gaven Kovacs
Jack of IHSMOCO – Wayne Carney

Additional Dailog & Supervision of Spanish Elements – Irene Perez-Porro

Supervisor for Westerly Films – Russell Pennoyer

Additional Photography – Jaume Peracaula & Emili Llorach

Music Consultant – Leopoldo Pomes Jr.

Special Music Collaboration – Lou Christie

The Crew

Camera Operator – Emili Llorach
Focus – Teresa Burgos
Loader – Erik Schwarz
Video Assist – Pete Sloan, Enrique Lopez

Key Grip – Segismundo Mulero

Boom Operators – Daniel Fontrodona

Sound Assistant – Jaume Melendez, Felipe Alejandro Arago

Dani Blanco, Javier Costa, Enrique Martinez, Poli Ramiro, Andres Moral, Pablo Leon, Adrian Lorente

Assoc. Art Directors – Blanca Francoli, Jordi Yrla
Decoration Assistant – Juan Martinez-Lage

Props & Set Dressing – Margalida Obrador
Asst. Set Dresser – Carlos Orta

Asst. Costume Designer – Beatriz Perez-Porro
Wardrobe Supervisor – Ms. Francisca Naharro

Makeup – Chass Llach
Makeup Assistant – Laura Casellas
Hairstylist – Margarita Font

Makeup, 2nd Unit – Pilar Gatius
Makeup Assistant – Ana Alvarez
Hairstylist, 2nd Unit – Rosa Benavides
Hair Assistant – Consuelo Jimenez

Supervising Accountant – Brian Gibbs
Associate Accountant – Jonni Bassiner
Production Coordinator – Yoli Marquerie
Location Manager – Marc Jove

Assistant Directors – Manuel L. Can~izares, Morrosko Vila-San-Juan
2nd Assistant Directors – Gabriel Lasalle, Sergio Martos

U.S. Coordinator – Allan R. McKinnon
Production Secretaries – Aurora Yufera, Sonia Beltran

Production Assistants – Ana Ayesta, Peter Turner, Mauricio Valldeperas

Transport Manager – Jaume Juncosa
Drivers – Jordi Cortes, Angel Blancas, Jose Antonio Cerezo, Vicente Hurtado, Mario Garcia

Extras Casting – Marta Perez-Porro
Additional Extras Casting – Focus S.A. & Joanna Servia

Special Effects – Reyes Abades

Catering by – Catering Hepburn

Production Sound Facilities – Lever (Barcelona)

Camera (Arti-535) – Servicevision

Camera Car – Jorge Benavent

Legal Services – John Sloss, Sloss Law Office; Inmaculada Umbert, Estudio Legal

Rights Clearance – Lisa Brigantino, BZ Rights

Medical Consultants – Dr. Robert Snow, Dr. Pere Tresserras

Dialect Coach – Julie Adams

Insurance – Chapman Bellan, D.R. Reiff & Assocs.

Ted’s BMW – Jim & Becky Evarts

Ants – Xavier Espalade

1st Assistant Editor – Andrew Hafitz
Assistant Editor – Nico Baixas
Apprentice Editor (Spain) – Marc,al Mora

Supervising Sound Editor – Catherine Benedek
Dialog Editors – Louis Cerborino, Naiel Korintus
Asst. Sound Editor – Thomas Foligno
Apprentice Sound Editors – Misako Shimizu, L. Mark Sorre

Foley Artist – Nancy Cabrera
Foley Engineer – Paul Zydel
Recordist/Music Mixer – Ted Spencer

Re-recording Engineer – Dominick Tavella
Dolby Stereo Consultant – Robert S. Warren
Postproduction Facilities – Sound One Corp.
Negative Cutter – Tim Brennan
Title Design – Louise Fili Ltd., Pam Shaw
Titles & Opticals – The Effects House, Michael Ventresco & Deborah Mann
Still Photographers – Bob Marshak, Michele Curel & Marta Sentis
Color (Kodak) by Fotofilm (Barcelona), Technicolor (New York)

Selected Wardrobe for Messrs. Nichols & Eigeman by Hickey-Freeman

Shoes provided by The Alden Shoe Company

Additional clothing & accessories by Chevignon, Cimarron Jeans, Majorica, Timex

Selected lamps & furnishings by Santa & Cole

Special thanks to the Perez-Porro, Pomes, Leiz, Mila, Roch & Umbert families of Barcelona for their generous help, and to El Periodico e Catalunya, Antonio Franco, Rafael Nadal & Pep Puig

Special thanks to Generalitat de Catalunya, Ajuntament de Barcelona, Azafatas de Barcelona, Hospital San Pau, Clinica San Jose, RAC 105, Radio M-80, Il Giardinetto, Hotel Almirante, Transglobal

Trans World Airlines
The Palisades Interstate Park Commission, Bear Mountain, New York
Intrepid Sea Air Space Museum, John Ares, Video Director
Illinois Bureau of Tourism
Simon & Schuster
Penguin Books
The Economist

Francisco Blazquez, Federico Correa, Eduardo Criado, Jordi Dauden, Carmen Figerola, Elena Gaminde, Josep Maria Godia, Ralph D. Griffin, Ramon Martos, Feli Miguel, Julian Moreno, Leonardo Moreno, Alfonso Mila, Emili Villaro, Valerie Carney, Christy Dimmig, Mark Ginsberg, Robert Lambert, Richard Milligan, Bill Nisselson, Don Nolan, Erik Rayman, Nash Castro, Tony Romano, Calvin & Doris Stillman, Linda Stillman, Margaret Stillman, Joey Violante

Permission to quote from How I Raised Myself From Failure to Success in Selling By Frank ???, courtesy of Prentice Hall, a division of Simon & Schuster

Original soundtrack album available on Milan CDs & cassettes

The characters and incidents portrayed and the names used herein are fictitious, and any similarity to any name or incident, or the character or biography of any person, is purely coincidental and unintentional.

This motion picture photoplay is protected pursuant to the provisions of the law of the United States of America and any unauthorized duplication of this photoplay may result in criminal prosecution.

This motion picture is being exhibited under specific license and is not for sale. Film Barcelona Inc. is the author of this motion picture for the purpose of copyright and other laws. (c) 1994 Film Barcelona Inc. All Rights Reserved.


Not listed in the credits. The list below is from Sight & Sound magazine:

  • Pennsylvania 6-5000 by Carl Sigman, Jerry Gray, performed by The Glenn Miller Band
  • Queiereme siempre (Love Me Forever) by G.Lynes, B. Guthrie (Spanish version Ben Molar)
  • Hora del crepusculo (Twilight Time) by Buck Ram, Morry Nevins, Al Nevins (Spanish version Ben Molar), performed by Cinco Latinos
  • Ligia Elena by Ruben Blades
  • Dolce Vita by Grombini, Massolini, performed by Ryan Paris;
  • Flamenco Guitar by and performed by Pedro Cortes;
  • L’Home dibuixat by Juame Sisa, performed by Orquesta Plateria;
  • You’ve Got What it Takes by Sylvestor Levay, Stephan Prager, performed by Silver Connection;
  • Sueños de amor by and performed by Rafael del Estad;
  • Everybody Limbo by Mark Suozzo, Lou Christie, performed by Jef Young;
  • Breakin’ Up by Mark Suozzo, Lou Christie, performed by Lou Christie;
  • Una lacrima sul viso by Mogol, I. Pattacii, performed by Bobby Solo

From Sight & Sound magazine, Feb 95, vol. 5, issue 2, p41:

Cert 12
Distributor: Rank
Production Companies: Castle Rock, Entertainment/Westerly Films
Producer – Whit Stillman
Associate Producers – Edmon Roch, Cecilia Roque
Westerly Films Superviser – Russell Penoyer
9,115 feet
101 minutes
Dolby stereo
In colour – Fotofilm Color
Prints by – Technicolor