Metropolitan Credits

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The Cast

DVD cover
’Metropolitan’ DVD cover

Audrey Rouget – Carolyn Farina
Tom Townsend – Edward Clements
Nick Smith – Christopher Eigeman
Charlie Black – Taylor Nichols
Jane Clarke – Allison Parisi
Sally Fowler – Dylan Hundley
Cynthia McLean – Isabel Gillies
Fred Neff – Bryan Leder

Rick Von Sloneker – Will Kempe
Serena Slocum – Elisabeth Thompson
Victor Lemley – Stephen Uys

Man at Bar – Roger W. Kirby
Mrs. Townsend – Alice Connorton
Mrs. Rouget – Linda Gillies
Allen Green – John Lynch
North Greenwich Preppie – Donal Lardner Ward
Cab Driver – Tom Voth
Sabina (Texas Deb) – Caroline Bennett
Cadet Frawley – Frank Creighton
A.T. Harris salesman – Joel S. Schreiber
Catherine Atzen clinician – Catherine Atzen
TV Voice of Debutante Ball – J. Harden Rose

SFRP Friends (early-nighters) – Victoria Chickering, Blayne Perry, Kevin Schack, Tina Thornton, Hank Foley, Andrew Lyle

 The Crew

Assistant Director – Larry Eudine
Unit Manager – Macall Polay
Script Supervisor – Scott Peterson

First Assistant Camera – Andy Harris
Second Assistant Camera – Andrew Dorman

Gaffer – Will MacGhee
Best Boy – John DeSimone
Additional Electric – Dan Karlok, Doug Shanson, David Sherman, Ted Hayash

Key Grips – Joe Foley, Will McDevitt
Second Grip – Terry Tragianopolas

Boom Operator – Randy Marks

Wardrobe Assistants – Garance Franke-Ruta, Paul Kelly

Set Dressing, Props – Sarah Goldman, Julie Hardis
Special Locations-Decorations – Irene Stillman

Production Assistants – Deborah Krainin, David Miller, Ruben Vasquez, David Kiernan, James Berger

Additional Camera Equipment – Hand Held Films, Inc.
Lighting & Grip Equipment – FilmTrucks
Rigging Design – Scott Buckler, Electric Feat

Casting Consultant – Amy Herzig
Music Rights – Susan Vigilante
Cha-Cha Coordinator – Diane Lanthrop

Stills – Terry Rozo, Jane Bresnick, Carlo Ontcal, Michele Curel

Clothes provided by – Allan & Suzi Inc., Pret-A-Party, After Six, A. T. Harris


Assistant Editors – Michael Zengel, Jacqueline E. Delibes
Sound Editor – Thomas Foligno
Apprentice Editors – Gordon Grinberg, Armando Fente, Jr.
Music Editor – Christopher Tellefsen

Foley Artist – Marko A. Costanzo
Sound Mixer – Dominick Tavella
Sound Facility – Sound One Studios

Title & Graphic Design – Pamela Shaw-Cadre Graphics
Titles Photography – Daniel Esterman-Animus Films

Color by – Du Art Laboratories, Inc.

We are grateful to the following New Yorks & New York institutions for their generous help & cooperation:

Mr. & Mrs. Lewis E. Lehrman

William M. Hammett, Mimi Wilson & their colleagues at the Manhattan Institute

St. Thomas Church & Choir
The Rev. John Andrew, Rector
The Rev. Gary P. Fertig, Vicar
Dr. Gerre Hancock, Master of Choristers
Mr. Morgan Holman, Verger

A.T. Harris, Traditional Men’s Formalwear
Joel S. Schreiber, Proprietor
Peri-Gay Cauthron & Maureen Sibblies

Mr. & Mrs. George S. Johnston

Catherine Atzen Institut de Beauté-Coiffure
Skin Care Specialists – Catherine Atzen, Founder

Annette R. Fry

Roger W. Kirby & Family

Mr. & Mrs. H. Ned Shreve

Carla & Carolina

The Horn & Hardart Automat
Richard Kleitman, Manager

O’Lunney’s Steak House

Bachrach, Photographers

Special thanks to

Valerie Ewing Carney, Mr. & Mrs. Russell P. Pennoyer, Mr. & Mrs. George Sim Johnston III, Penelope S. Paine, Margaret R. Stillman, Mr. & Mrs. Stanley W. Stillman, Linda Stillman, Betsy Thomas, George Ford, Bruno Salinas, Scott Johnston, Cecilia Roque, Marjory Wentworth, Manuel Aree, Marc Biron, Betsy Marino, Kate Holmes, Susan Cobb, Jane Fort, Alyssa McGuiness, Mark Rubinstein, Nigel Paton (The Nightingale-Bamford School), Ann Pyne, & Jennifer Hayes (The Spence School).

The Metropolitan Orchestra

Conducted by Joshua Rosenblum & Mark Suozzo

Piano – Derek Smith
Bass – John Beal
Violin – Sanford Allen
Cello – Julie Green
Reeds – Louis J. Cortelezzi, Bob Malach
Trombone – Arthur Baron
Trumpets – Laurence Etkin, Laurie A. Frink
Drums – Butch Miles, Ronald Zito

Music Copyist – Steven Danenberg, WEDO’s

Music recorded at the Nola & Ted Spencer Studios.
Additional mixing – Steve Gaboury & Sorcerer Sound.

“Dry Your Eyes”
Performed by Brenda and the Tabulations
Bee Cool Music – BMI
Courtesy of Dionn Records

“I Need Love”
Performed by Barbara Mason
Stilran-Dandelion Music – BMI
Courtesy of Arctic Records

“Tell Me”
Performed by Jock Davis
Courtesy of Jock Davis

Permission to use Channel 11’s Christmas Eve Yule Log broadcast, courtesy of WPIX-TV.

Permission to quote from “Girls & Sex” by Dr. Wardell B. Pomeroy, courtesy of Don Congdon Associates.

METROPOLITAN was filmed on location in Manhattan, Southampton & Cornwall, New York.

Special thanks to The New York City Mayor’s Office for Film, Theatre and Broadcasting.

All characters and incidents portrayed or mentioned in this motion picture are fictional.

Any unauthorized reproduction, distribution, exhibition or other use of this motion picture is strictly prohibited.

(c) 1989 Westerly Film-Video Inc.
All rights reserved.