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‘Love & Friendship’ Novel

Whit Stillman’s novel, based on the film, Love & Friendship is out (since May 3rd).  So if for some reason you cannot make it to the theater, then be sure to check out this highly acclaimed novel.

Purchase in the USA, UK & Canada

As a bonus it has the original text in the back.

Love & Friendship Book Cover Whit Stillman Lady Susan Jane Austen

“A postmodern confection [that’s] very, very funny.”―Penelope Green, New York Times

“In the ever-booming Austen spinoff industry, where paeans to Mr. Darcy are the norm, rewriting a work of the master’s in the guise of one of her detractors makes for an eccentrically cheeky tribute.”―Alexandra Schwartz, New Yorker

“A merry comedy of pride, prejudice, and duplicity…. Silly, sly, eccentric characters and brisk chatter make for a diverting romp.”―Kirkus Reviews

“Lady Susan is finally getting some long overdue respect.”―Alexandra Alter, New York Times

“Witty and delightful.”―BookPage

“Both quirky and hilarious.”―Publishers Weekly

“Lady Susan remains deliciously wicked.”―Julia Felsenthal, Vogue

“Stillman worships Austen and [the book and film] show a deep familiarity with her life, work, and times.”―Laura Miller, Slate

“Stillman has a fine eye for social niceties.”―Library Journal, Editor’s Pick

“Both movie and book are much funnier than they sound in a brief description.”―Scott Timberg, Salon

Kermode & Mayo’s Film Review

Kermode and Mayo’s Film Review.  Mark Kermode says, “Here’s the test for whether or not this film will work for you…Okay…Take two fingers.  Put them on the inside of your wrist.  Do you feel a pulse?  If so, then go.”

There you have it.  Stillman’s Love & Friendship, is opening wider.  Check your local showtimes in the USA, UK, Ireland, Canada and Netherlands.

Behind the Scenes of Whit Stillman’s ‘Love & Friendship’ on BFI

BFI Sight & Sound is featuring a longer behind the scenes video for Love & Friendship.  It’s a bit longer than the one that is on youtube, so it’s well worth a look.

Love & Friendship is in theaters now.

A six-minute look at the cast and characters of Whit Stillman’s wonderfully catty Jane Austen adaptation, by Whit Stillman.

Love & Friendship Behind the scenes