A Whit Stillman primer

For any of your friends who missed Stillman’s films first time round and have some quick catching up to do, they could perhaps do worse than read ‘Rich, Beautiful and Surprisingly Virtuous: A Whit Stillman Primer’ by Lindsey Bahr at Splitsider. It’s a pretty good summary of the themes of Stillman’s first three films, although it seems to me to undersell Barcelona a little. Still, worth a read, and added to the Press page.

I’ll leave you with some good viewing, the clip from Last Days of Disco used in that article:

One thought on “A Whit Stillman primer

  1. A very interesting read, I thought.

    “Ultimately the indicators that our leads defined themselves by — colleges, prep schools, country clubs, vacation spots, etc. — mean little in their adult life.”

    A great point that shows how Last Days relates directly back to Metropolitan. I also agree that it undersells Barcelona somewhat.

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