Sony Classics to release ‘Damsels in Distress’. Plus a name change…?

IndieWIRE, among other places, has the news that Damsels in Distress is to be released by Sony Classics sometime in 2011. I’m not into the film industry enough to know the importance of this – was it the case that Damsels wouldn’t have been seen without a deal like this? – but, still, it’s news.

Also, the press release consistently refers to Violet Wister’s DAMSELS IN DISTRESS, which suggests the movie’s title has been expanded. Here’s IndieWIRE’s summary:

Whit Stillman’s first film in over a decade, “Violet Wister’s Damsels In Distress,” will be released worldwide by Sony Pictures Classics. Starring Greta Gerwig and Adam Brody, the film is a comedy that follows a trio of beautiful girls (led by Gerwig’s character) who set out to revolutionize life at a grungy East Coast university. The film was privately financed and entirely filmed in New York State. Expected to come out at some point in 2011 (though that is not confirmed as of yet), it will be Stillman’s first release since 1998’s “The Last Days of Disco.”

Click through for the full press release. Thanks to Keith Cochran for the pointer.

3 thoughts on “Sony Classics to release ‘Damsels in Distress’. Plus a name change…?

  1. Hey this is pretty great news! Since it was privately financed, without a distribution company it would be pretty difficult for the film to really be seen, outside of festivals. Involvement with a bigger company is what pretty much every independent/low budget filmmaker hopes for. This means it will almost definitely get a proper release, in theaters or on DVD.

  2. Does anyone know if Carolyn Farina is in this new movie? Im a huge fan and hope to see her again soon.

  3. This is a response to Shya. Yes Carolyn Farina is in this. I’m featured in this movie and I have a scene with her a diner. I am Highway Worker #1. I’m so excited about this!!

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